Primitive Patterns

Healthier living, through healthier patterns.

Primitive Patterns is Salt Escapes' on-site health center. Our wellness team supports those who are looking to have access to health and wellness during their stay at the beach. Our health team is made up of individuals, passionate about health and wellness, ready to serve you. 


You Are Comprised Of Your Patterns.

Your internal health and physical appearance are all shaped by your life’s patterns. Sleeping patterns, eating patterns, exercise patterns, meditative patterns, thought patterns and beyond all shape who you are today.

Physical And Mental Fitness Is A Lifelong Journey – Not A One Month Fad.

We believe that by changing our patterns and adapting primitive ones, we can change our lives and in turn change the world.

When the body, mind, and spirit are working in harmony we are able to be more creative, loving, and energetic thus allowing us to get the most out of the human experience.

Meet The Team 

Josh and Luke are brothers from Canada and co-owners/co-founders of Primitive Patters.

Both passionate about helping guide people on their journey to a more balanced life. 

During the months of December to March, they will be living on-site offering their wellness services. 


Rachel is co-owner and founder of Salt Escapes Nicaragua. She was born and raised in Canada. Her passion for health and wellness has evolved over the years. She is a trained RMT, FST therapist as well as a labour/Support Doula in Canada.  She left Canada to pursue a life driven by passion. 

Today she lives on-site running Salt Escapes and working with the children in Salinas Grandes. Providing education related to food and health.

She is compassionate and empathetic, making her a natural at working with people and connecting them to their body. 

Her goal is to help guide and facilitate healing and lasting change for her clients by providing them tools.


Wellness Services

Personal training

Primitive Patterns will lead you through a one on one work out at their ocean side jungle gym. Primitive Patterns gives you the opportunity to workout in a natural environment with locally sourced and crafted gym equipment.

Primitive Patterns Jungle Gym

Work out daily at Primitive Patterns open air wooden jungle gym, located on the beach.

Nutrition Counselling

Book a one on one consultation.

Body Work

Massage Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy & Reiki. 

  • 60 mins
  • 75 mins
  • 90 mins
  • 120 mins


Fascial Stretch Group Class

No previous experience required.This class combines breathing with movement and aims to release stored tension in the body. Slow and controlled movements followed by a guided meditation. 

Movement Workshops

Rachel has developed 3 different classes. Her workshops will not teach you magic or anything you don’t ALREADY know. Instead, she will CONNECT you back to your core: physically and energetically. She will discuss ways of listening to the body and understanding the physical responses or sensations that often present in the body and guide you through self-care techniques on how to support your needs.

  • Our Body’s Language 
  • Core Connection: Releasing & Connecting back to yourself
  • Intuitive Movement

Primitive Pattern Adventure Excursions

Choose between Telica or Cerro Negro Volcano, and enjoy a day of intense fitness, adventure and fun!