Turtle Rescue

You Can Give Baby Turtles A Chance to Survive

Volunteer on Salinas Grandes Beach & Help Us Release 1000’s

of Baby Turtles Back into the Ocean.

Yearly From Mid-November Until Early January.

Plan Your Turtle Rescue Volunteer Vacation With Us

Plan your vacation learning about the declining population of sea turtles, the incubation process, hatching and proper releasing of baby turtles at Tortuga Vivero - the turtle sanctuary on our beach.



We offer a variety of western style, beach side vacation bungalows. Homes include 2 - 3 bedrooms. Kitchen, bathroom and walk out living room facing the ocean. 

*** Note:  Due to mother nature being in charge, we unfortunately have no control over hatch rates. 

Turtle Sanctuary

Watch the Video Below To Learn More About Tortuga Vivero