Salt Lodge Restaurant is located in the middle of three of our rental properties. If you are staying near by or in Salt Escapes Vacation Rentals, please inquire about our personalize meals plans.

March will be our last month before we close until next sesaon.

Come join us before its too late!


 THUR MAR 15 - SUN MAR 18, 2018

Salt Lodge aims to bring people from all over the world together, to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures –FOOD!

Our Offerings

Choose something from our $5 our snack menu and order yourself a drink!

Our snack menu is offered Thus -Sun. 

Chef made meals by reservations

Lunch: $10 -$14

Dinner: $18 - $20

Meal Plans: With or without drinks, available upon request. This is best suited for those vacationing in walking distance.

How we operate 

Our kitchen will always be offering snack bite items for you to enjoy! 

We offer lunch or dinner at the restaurant - we request you let us know 24 hours in advance. Our meals will be a daily set menu, using local and seasonal ingredients. We offer chicken, fish and vegetarian options. Ingredients we source out will depend on availability and time of year. 

Send us an email [email protected]  or call 505.7782.7021 to reserve your table.

 Let us know about allergies and food aversions. Or stop by and chat with one of us 🙂 

If you are interested in hosting your retreat with us, Salt Lodge Restaurant offers unique and individualized menus. When you book your retreat with Salt Escapes Nicaragua, Salt Lodge Restaurant will be closed to the public and be open to offer a private space for you to use.  Send us an email [email protected]  or call 505.7782.7021 

Drink list

Salt Lodge Special - Chiquita Verde (Tequila with verdita chaser) $3 USD/ C $90

Toña or Victoria Beer  $1.50 USD/ C $45

Rum Mixed Drinks $2.50 USD/ C $75

Vodka Mixed Drinks $4.50 USD/ C $137.25

Rum Shots $1 USD/C $30

Pop/Juice/Water bottle $1 USD/ C $30

***We currently accept USD, Cordobas or  accept credit cards via Pay Pal, there will be a small processing fee. Quantity may vary depending on stock.

Hours of Operation

Regular Hours

Mon-Wed: Closed

Thurs-Sun: 12 pm - 8 pm 

Prepared with care by Canadian chef-Mark Ota