We want to help you reconnect with the simplicity of life.

Our journey began to find our place in the world.

We didn’t know what it would look like but we knew that together, we wanted to create a business, one that would offer something special.

We are 3 best friends from Toronto, Canada, in 2013 we found a near deserted stretch of beach in Nicaragua. We now want to share that piece of paradise on Salinas Grandes, Nicaragua with you.

Mark and Matt have past chef careers throughout Canada and Rachel ran a massage therapy and Doula/Labour support practice back home. We combined our skills to create a life driven by passion to serve others.

We decided SALT was fitting for our name.

Rachel and Matt moved to Nicaragua in 2016. They took on the role of managers of a vacation villa minutes from their property which helped them move toward their dream to start a new life, learn Spanish, gain the contacts and skills necessary to start a business in Nicaragua. Now in total we are managing 5 vacation rentals.

about us

Rachel and Matt working on the site of the restaurant-Salt Lodge

about us

Mark in Haida Gwaii, British Colombia, Canada

Mark left his job in Toronto to take on contract work as chef at a specialty resort in Haida Gwaii, Western Canada and earn money for the Salt Escapes Project.

As of October 2017, finally together, we merged our experiences, our skills and our finances to get Salt Escapes –our dream business off the ground. 

First up is building and opening Salt Lodge the restaurant!  We are excited to be able to finally create and offer a communal space for everyone to come to and connect.

about us

Mark, Rachel and Matt on their property in Salinas Grandes

We want you to feel calm and reinvigorated just like we did, when we discovered this incredible place

What does Salt in Salt Escapes mean to us?

Salt in Food

Flavor, tastes, smells, comfort, brings people together. Food brings your body back to a balanced state.

Salt as part of Wellness

Mental health (not specifically physical activity or wellness/fitness). Wellness for us starts with mental health and state of mind. Mindfulness, decompression, body work (massage/FST/reiki) and relaxation.

Salt in your Experiences

Fear, excitement, nervousness, joy, compassion,  learning a new culture, language, activities, nature - waking up connection on a deeper level either with yourself and/or others. Offering an exchange; conversation, skill and or emotion. Leaving you feeling reinvigorated (maybe from hiking a volcano), inspired (volunteering-sanctuary/community project), and balanced (spending time alone with the waves/massage etc...)

Are you open to an internal shift?

Open to adventure, nature and seclusion? Maybe even challenge?

We are remote, it’s a journey to get here, day trips are commitments - but all the people who choose to come here understand that without a little struggle there is no reward.

We want to create a space for people to feel well. Through our offerings of food, wellness and experiences, we hope creates a lasting feeling of balance in your mind and body.

What we do is different than what we offer.