About Us

What does SALT in SALT ESCAPES represent? 

SALT in Food

Flavor, tastes, smells, comfort, brings people together. Food brings your body back to a balanced state.

SALT as part of Wellness

Mental health. Wellness for us starts with mental health and state of mind. Mindfulness, decompression and body work (massage/FST/reiki) and relaxation.

SALT in your Experiences

Fear, excitement, nervousness, joy, compassion,  learning a new culture, language, activities, nature - waking up connection on a deeper level either with yourself and/or others. Offering an exchange; conversation, skill and or emotion. Leaving you feeling reinvigorated (maybe from hiking a volcano), inspired (volunteering-sanctuary/community project), and balanced (spending time alone with the waves/massage etc...)

Are you OPEN to an internal shift?

Open to adventure, nature and seclusion?

Maybe even challenge?

We are remote, it’s a journey to get here, day trips are commitments - but all the people who choose to come here understand that without a little struggle there is no reward.

We want to create a space for people to FEEL WELL. Through our offerings of food, wellness and experiences, we hope creates a lasting feeling of BALANCE in your mind and body.